Opening Weekend Instructions




Fall 2020 Season Opening Weekend

Opening weekend Sept  12th

I'm a coach where do I go?:

  1. Make a sign if possible to identify yourself for your team.
  2. Be at your game field 30 minutes early to park and make sure you know where to go. 
  3. Use the schedule to identify your field. U4's, U6's, and U8's play at the same location each week. U10's, U12, U15's, and U18/19's play against other towns so the location changes week to week.
  4. Check in at the table at Rider or Buckley (Hood) to pick up your team's jerseys if you didn't get them earlier.

My child is playing, where do I go?:

  1. Once you’ve read through the following items, find out which field you should be going to based on the schedule.
  2. Board members will be manning Derry Soccer Club tables at both Rider field and Hood Middle School.
  3. Your coach will be at your designated game field 30 minutes prior to the game. If you need help finding your coach or field come to the table and someone will help you.
  4. Please come see us if you have questions, we'll do our best to help.

Timing: Parents, have players at the field for your session at least 15 minutes early. This will give you time to find your field and coach and get your Jersey from your coach if you purchased one.

Hawks Jersey, when will I get it? Can I still get one?: Player's that purchased jerseys during registration will receive them from their coach at the first game. If you would like to puchase a jersey at this point go to the Club Store to order.

DAY 1 Jersey issues, what can I do?: Kindly let your coach know and have them reach out to the club. BE PATIENT WITH THESE ISSUES - COVID SLOWING DOWN JERSEY CREATION. If needed your player can wear a RED shirt or WHITE shirt until you get your issue resolved.

Which Field Should I go to?: Please check the schedule by CLICKING HERE select your group and the field will be displayed to the right of each game.

**Please help us keep the fields clean, we had a lot of trouble with trash last season**