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Coaching with the Derry Soccer Club is meant to be a fun and rewarding experience for our volunteers and kids.

The level of coaching required is driven by the program and all coaches must complete a background check. 

All coaches are volunteers.

Recreation Program (Hawks)

  • Volunteers Needed! We rely completely on parent volunteer coaches to help provide organization to the Saturday morning games and to work with the trainers to help provide basic development of players during training sessions.

  • Coaching discounts

    • Head coaches will receive 100% refund for registered players on their team.

    • Assistant coaches will receive a 50% refund for registered players on their team.

    • Refunds are dependent on successful completion of duties during the registration period.

    • Volunteers may only be considered a Head coach for 1 team, but may also be an Assistant coach for other teams as needed and if scheduling allows.

  • Experience requirements: No experience is required! The Club will provide trainers for U6, U8, and U10 during the week or on game day.  The club will also provide guide/curriculum for all age groups to help guide them throughout the season.  If a coach needs additional assistance we will do all we can to make that coach comfortable.

  • Background checks and SafeSport training are required to be completed by all coaches.

  • All teams will have a head coach and an assistant coach, whenever possible.

  • Coaching Expectations:

    • Provide a safe, fun environment for all of your players.​

    • Be available for all trainings/games, or coordinate between head/assistant coaches and Hawks Director/Coordinator if you need to miss a session or game.

    • Commit to both Fall and Spring seasons with your team.

    • Send, at minimum, 1 email per week to your team parents to include:

      • Date/Time information for next session/game​

      • Jersey color for next game

      • Forward club communications as needed

Competitive Program (Eagles)

  • Coaches required: Volunteer coaches

  • Experience requirements: Eagles coaches are all volunteers that receive coach training through Derry Soccer Club and our partners.  By Fall 2022, all Head Coaches will be certified through the USSF Grassroots curriculum that is applicable to their age group. These coaches will also have participated in background checks and the Safesport training. 

  • All other rostered coaches will have participated in the USSF “Introduction to Grassroots” training as well as background checks and Safesport training. 

Coach Training

NH Soccer Association (NHSA) Coach Training and Certification

Coaching Information

Course Descriptions

HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training


By taking this free, online course and using what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field.

Once you complete the training and quiz, you can email a copy of the certificate to

Enroll Here

Coaching Guides


Below you will find links to the coaches guides provided by the Derry Soccer Club. Passwords will be provided to coaches at the start of the season. However, if you need access, please email with your name and team/age group, and a password will be provided.


All of the curriculum is available to ALL coaches; the descriptions are only meant to help you find the right starting place for your team. Our hope is that you will take full advantage of the robust curriculum provided here.


Recreational Guides - these guides are meant for rec teams and travel teams where the overall skill level is that of a beginner. Available for U6 and up.


Aspiring Guides - these guides are meant for travel teams that have advanced beyond the beginner stage or those rec teams where the overall skill level is on the higher side. Available for U9/U10 and up.

Specialty Guides - these guides are meant for those coaches wishing to work on a specific area of development. Available for Goal Scoring, Playmaker, and Skills Development

Facilities Information - this link will bring you to the clubs google drive for coaches for all information regarding the clubs facilities. Highly recommend that all coaches review this information.

External Training Options


US Youth Soccer has many resources for new coaches. Use the links below to learn more and develop your skills as a new coach or expand your knowledge as an existing coach.

  • First Time Coach? Click Here for helpful tips and tools from US Youth Soccer

  • Grassroots Introductory Coaching Course - Click Here (IT'S FREE) for training from the US Soccer Learning Center

  • Guide to sports Concussions: Click Here

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