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Thank you for your interest in working as a referee!  Please use this page as a resource for upcoming opportunities, what game formats we offer, payment scales/options, and updated contact information for our Assignor.  If you are not already registered, please click below to send a message to our Assignor.  

Formats of Play

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Referee Pay

Referees will be paid twice per season- once following week 4 for games officiated in the first 4 weeks and again at the end of the season for any additional games officiated in the second half of the season.  Any bonuses earned will be paid at the conclusion of the season.  Direct deposit is available by adding your deposit account information to your referee account.  If a deposit account does not exist, referees will be mailed a check.

  • U8- Single Referee- $20/game

  • U10- Single Referee- $30/game

    • Training AR (1)- $10/game (Limited availability.  Must be approved by the Assignor. Contact for details.  Excluded from any bonus calculations.)​

  • U12:

    • Center- $40/game​

    • AR (2)- $25/game

  • U15:

    • Center- $45/game​

    • AR (2)- $30/game

  • U18:

    • Center- $65/game​

    • AR (2)- $30/game


Referee Bonus Program - To help aid in the costs of becoming a referee and maintaining certification, Derry Soccer Club is offering a $25 bonus* for every three (3) games officiated in a single season!

*Exclusions apply.  Contact for details.

Now Offering Self-Assigning!

All registered referees can login and choose from the list of available games.  No more emailing to schedule with Assignors!  Click the button below to login and start reffing today!

Register to Referee with DSC!

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